Todos Santos, November 1, 2014
screenprint, below and ceramic tile mural
screenprint 6 color , 24" x 24"
ceramic mural 6' x 6'

This print was designed for what became a 6' x 6' tile mural in the very beautiful town of Todos Santos, Baja, Mexico. I created the mural with screenprinted glazes, as part of a workshop in January of 2015. The students created the tile which make up the border. The Great Tortilla Conspiracy printed fresh tortillas at the unveiling and the mural was blessed by a Priest from the local church, with me serving as altar boy. Many thanks to Donna Billick and John Toki.


- - -

Shoruq Cultural Center Mural in Dheisheh Refugee Camp, Palestine
above, scratch board drawing for the mural
60”x 60"

above right, ceramic tile mural
72”x 72"

15 students attended the screen printed tile workshop, which I conducted with Lucia Ippolito and Ayed Arafa, an artist from Dheisheh. Lucia and I did the main part of the mural in Berkeley, after skype disscussions on the theme with the people at Shoruq. They asked us to depict a Palestinian wedding, where many aspects of their culture meet: food, dance, music and costume. The border tiles created during the class were done by the students and depict the 44 destroyed or seized villages where the residents of Dheisheh originally lived. We visited a few of these villages. Many remain unoccupied, but the Palestinians are not allowed to return. They all, to a person, believe they will someday return. This is symbolized in the mural by the child and adult hand holding a house key. Many Palestinians still have their house keys, treasured objects of hope kept in the family since the Palestinians were removed from their land by the Israelis in 1948.